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Arwyn Taugner   -530-675-9003  -  ataugner@yahoo.com
nice rich colored almond racing
homer 7 weeks old

Some of the Almonds
again some must be sold
Young Almond cock racing homer  
6 weeks old
Super nice Almond racing homer
cock    racing blood lines     
2013 bird
 That was fun
     I am now a California resident

   My new address is

 16898 New York House Rd.
  Brownsville,  CA  95919
phone 530 -675-9003
this is a wing of a Almond bred
This is a pair of brown lemon racing homers with racing background
AU banded  6 weeks old nest
mates      $40 each      

This is a 4 month old House pigeon 
he has full muffs but not showing them
here    I can take additional photos

these are the ped racers some will be sold most are Buittas
    This is a photo of one of my 
breeding Almonds    Buitta blood
lines     lots of power   super body
  He is a 2001 bird and not for sale
 as a young bird he was a very
light cream color--now he is the 
picture of perfection--My Kaleidescope of color
  This is the whites and pieds
some of these will be sold
email me
This is a 6 week old khaki racing
homer  AU banded

Almond racing homer cock


6 week old nest mates   Peak Crested
racing homers
   $30 each     sold
Almond cock racing homer

 Chinese Owls in cream bar-yellow check other colors
 Chinese Owl
2014  young cock

some of the reds-yellows-blacks
and almonds
One brown and one blue barless racing
homers  6 weeks old    AU banded
  $40 each