Pigeons, Pigeons, & More Pigeons Pigeons, Pigeons, & More Pigeons
Giant Hungarian House Pigeon
Almond Racing Homer
Hi, my name is Arwyn Taugner.

When I was 10 years old, I became fascinated with pigeons.  After I caught some common pigeons out at my Grandfather's barn in North Dakota,  I built a cage in my father's garage out of pallets - whoops!  My Dad came home from work and built a small pen for them, fast.  That started my life-long interest in pigeons.

I have about 1,000 pigeons here, in 8 different breeds.  I have Homers, Rollers, Pomeranian Pouters, Hungarian Giant House Pigeons, Valencian Figuritas, Chinese Owls, Muffed Chinese Owls, American Show Racers, and Show Homers.

I am a genetic nut and play with many colors and features. I have been a major player with Muffed Chinese Owls.  There are Almonds, Blues, Browns, Blacks, Reds, Yellows, Grizzles, and Combos.

I also have 120 Almond Racing Homers and 30 Peak-Crested Racing Homers from 500 mile racing stock.  In my racing homers, there must be 30 different colors.  All are bred for racing.

I am active in the St. Paul Racing Homer Club, National Chinese Owl Club, American Muffed Chinese Owl Club, Minnesota Flying Roller Group and have judged various breeds on occasion.
This is a classical almond homer with a light almond colored back ground and an abundance of flecking.  With each molt the flecking will intensify creating a new look until the next molt---my Kaleidoscope of color   
Almond & Kite Homers
Colored Homers