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Giant Hungarian House Pigeon
Almond Racing Homer
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This is a classical almond homer with a light almond colored back ground and an abundance of flecking.  With each molt the flecking will intensify creating a new look until the next molt---my Kaleidoscope of color    
Almond & Kite Homers
Colored Homers
    I started raising pigeons when I was 10 years old with a pair from my grandfathers barn. I am now 81 and still in the hobby.

    There are about 1000 pigeons here. Rollers -Racing Homers-- Hungarian House ---Pomeranian Pouters--Chinese Owls and Show Homers.                                                                                                      We moved to California from St Paul Minnesota about 7 years ago with about about 700 birds-that was a real trip--Im here to stay